Report on three sessions - rural women in Africa, funding gender equality and family violence in Australia

March 5, 2012

(1) Cross Border Trade a New Paradox for Rural Women in Eastern Africa.

Combating the Effects of Climate Change on Rural Women

February 29, 2012

Well it's clear – the incredible challenges women face when dealing with climate change is creating leaders! Women leaders. 

Trade Union Sponsored Event at UNCSW 56

February 27, 2012

Why Must Women Leave Home?
The Push Factors of Rural Women’s Migration.

Corporate land grabbing, the impacts of climate change such as floods, severe storms and drought; lack of decent job opportunities and high levels of work informality; rural poverty; lack of quality public services; gender and racial discrimination, war...

Trade Union Side Event at the UNCSW

February 25, 2012

Women rural workers: Organising for social change - transforming lives and livelihoods