The Asia Girls Campaign


By Leticia Scrivens - CWA 1101 and Colleen Smith- CWA 1105, volunteering to support UNI Global Union at the UNCSW57 

The Asia Girl Campaign was started by The Garden of Hope Foundation.  Several guest speakers, from other foundations for the empowering of young girls in Asia, attended.  Foundations like The Salt Academy in Cambodia, who reach girls through a football program and Girls Power that brings self-awareness and empower girls through theatre.

The Asian Girl Campaign was created because of the UN naming October 11th the International Day of the Girl Child.  The goal of this campaign is to challenge the stereotypes of Asian girls, help girl children of abuse escape violence and oppression as well as raising awareness of sex trafficking and unrealistic stereotypes of young Asian girls.  The purpose of this campaign is to spread the message to invest in girls and girl’s education.

The Asian Girl Campaign sets out to reach these goals by providing workshops for Asian girls that focus on empowering them.  These workshops teach gender issues that affect Asian girls.  They also give awards for girls who excel in sports, science and other areas that girls are not typically recognized for.  In addition, The Garden of Hope Foundation will give a Human Rights Award to an individual who has excelled in spreading the word on girls issues this year.  Another way The Asian Girl Campaign sets out to spread awareness is by handing out pink floral scarfs to show unity throughout the world.

As a result of this campaign, The Garden of Hope Foundation has received wide media attention, with international press conferences that spread awareness of Asian girls’ exploitation and domestic violence issues.  All over Asia girls stood up for themselves to stop abuse. 

Another way to break the circle.


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