Censored Women's Film Festival

By Laurie Nancekivell, Ontario Public Service Employees' Union (Canada)

This Festival was created based on an experience that filmmaker Paula Kweskin had. Paula's film, Honor Diaries, was shown at the United Nations and on Capital Hill. When the film began to be rolled out on college campuses and into the community, there was an active movement to have the film removed from theatres. Paula shared that she began to think about the other filmmakers that are silenced. She decided that they could not be censored at a Censored Women's Film Festival.

We had the privilege to watch the following films:

The trailer of "Faith Keepers"

"Honour Diaries" we watched a 30 minute version vs the 45 min typical version

We then watched three mini movies, "His Cucumber", "Screaming Silence" and "Butterflies"

His Cucumber is the first of a series of short films that can be found on this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/A-Way-Out-Video-Series-228338604027508/

After watching these films, we then listened to the panelists share the impact of their storytelling including family relationships that have been strained and targeting from the government. One of the panelists referenced the poem "First they came for for Muslims...." remember that regardless of the religion, they first came for women. 


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