The snow showers conditions with 29 km/hr winds from the north is closing New York for a day. But that did not stop the PSI delegation. We moved our important event, "The human right to peace, women, labour and public services in conflict Zones" and are greatful to be able to meet Carlos Villan Duran from SSIHRL and Lois A Herman from WUNRN.
Carlos spoke about Human rights to peace and said peace has a holistic approach, we have to combat all types of violence in the world to achieve peace. Right to disarmament is an essential part of the Human right to peace. Peace means absence of structural violence.
Lois discussed about how women can use their Political advocacy power to get results. She was concerned about the fact that VAW accelerates during conflicts and there is no international treaty for VAW. She stressed to keep trying for peace for women and girls.


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