Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations: Engaging Young Women and Men in Advancing Gender Equaility

This session included delegates from Denmark, Ireland, Portugal and Belgium.  The topic was focused on how each country was adopting policies that would make it more possible for gender equality in that country. Speakers focused on the pay gap which is sitting at 17.6%.  While they have achieved equal pay legislation the gap has more to do with the complex set of problems which include "indirect discrimination, greater difficulties for women in blancing work and private life, about market and sterotyles that influence the evaluation and classification of occupation or the choice of education undertaken by men and women."  

I was most taken with Vivane Teitelbum from Ireland who spoke passionately about how legislation needs to change to protect women against domestic violence and prostitution.  She also spoke about the the need for more highly trained and paid early child care workers. She saw this as one of the key ways to change gender inequality.  She also spoke about the need to revamp curriculum that engaged young learners gender equality.

Diane Sellars-Myshchyshyn is District Representative of The Alberta Teachers' Association (Canadian Teachers' Federation) 


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