Innovations to Support the Global Nursing & Midwifery Workforce

Discussions at this parallel event focused on the challenges of the Nursing and Midwifery workforce in the world and innovations to support the Global Nursing and Midwifery workforce. The speakers from their experiences from different parts of the world attested to the fact that there is need for collective action to improve the practice of nursing profession. Judith Shemian, the President of ICN said the fact that Nurses play critical role in the health sector, shows how central Nurses are in the achievement of all Health related SDG.

In my intervention, I made clear the time has come to hold Governments in our respective countries accountable to provide quality affordable and accessible health care for all.  This can only be made possible by investment in quality public services and scaling up the training of Nurses and Midwives.

   In discussion with Judith Shamain the President of ICN on the need


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