Investing in Child Development and Learning: Assuring Equity in Decent Work and in Sustainable Development UNICEF


This group is preparing for the 2012 ECOSOC, which is about child development and learning in achieving decent work.

The following recommendation have come forward as printed in the Issue Paper:  Investing in Child Development and Learning Development: 

  • Ensuring equal access to affordable quality childcare
  • Positive impact on older girls and women
  • Ensuring access to paind parental leave
  • Opportunity to continue breast feeding
  • School enrolment and retention
  • Better access to alternative and after shcool hours programmes
  • Acquiring life skills
  • Support for Ecucation
  • Adequate care when sick
  • A time of transitions
  • Child labour
  • Second chance for decent work.
Diane Sellars-Myshchyshyn is District Representative of The Alberta Teachers' Association (Canadian Teachers' Federation)


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