IYAFP: Intergenerational Youth Alliance for Family Planning

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By Chrisy Tremblay, OPSEU (Canada)

This agency aims to educate youth on topics of Family Planning and Reproductive Health (pro-choice; sexual reproduction), and Youth Rights. Many youth are not permitted culturally to access contraceptives and would otherwise not receive any support on family planning that is progressive.  

- It was made clear that youth need to be at the table;

- They need prenatal hygiene packages;

- Government leaving youth out of the conversations when making policies involving youth.

- Despite education programs, there is an increase in maternal deaths.

- Group working on campaign against maternal deaths;

- Misconception about sex education being a negative influence on youth decision re: sexual engagement;

- Need to use relevant social media to maintain engagement;

- Support youth to have space-not tokenism 

International Youth activist: Youth must have own rights to make own choices; part of the problem and must be part of solution; must have youth engaged and part of the decision making.

Live performance of song by Otuck Willam & Trevor Arnett  (left)





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