The labour rights of migrant women: From Beijing to Post-2015

Photo:  Gustave Deghilage - Creative Commons

This session will draw on global experiences of the challenges that migrant women encounter, their efforts to realise their human and labour rights, and the missed opportunity of the Asia-Pacific Beijing+20 Review that made no reference to migrants’ rights and deleted reference to domestic workers, one of the largest drivers of women’s labour migration.

The session will be on Monday 9 March, in V Hall at the Armenian Convention Center from 12:30 to 2 pm.

The last 20 years have seen a growing disparity between the promise of Beijing for women migrants and their realities, something that we have seen very clearly in some of the Beijing+20 regional review meetings. Now with the Post-2015 Agenda, we see that the UN Secretary-General’s synthesis report adopts a negative framing of migration as a pressure on society causing ‘serious strain’ (para.157).

But one reason for this is that States are not ensuring coherence between their migration policies and labour market needs, for example many domestic workers around the world are at risk of exploitation and excluded from the protection of national labour laws.

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