Research shows patriarchy still reigns in Canada

Patriarchy reigns in Canada. That’s the conclusion drawn from preliminary data collected through an important research project on women in public services led by the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW).

CRIAW’s research findings were presented by Professor Ann Denis of the University of Ottawa to a packed audience at a parallel session of the UNCSW61  parallel events. She explained that the research compared economic indicators for males and females over three distinct time periods and examined intersectional differences with respect to  race, Indigenous status and disability. Not surprisingly. the data confirmed that females of all groups are disadvantaged relative to male counterparts in each time period studied.

The Changing Public Services project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), and receives important financial and other support from union partners, including PSAC, CUPE, CUPW, CAUT, and CLC. To date two important project reports have been published: one on the impact on women of changing public services in Ottawa, and one on  in women and public sector precarity.


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