Sessions focus on change for the greater good

By Laura Thompson, Ontario Public Service Employees Union

In the sessions I attended today at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, there was definitely a theme of change. Namely how one can make change and measure for the betterment of women and social movements. Whether it’s thought we give to the clothes on our back or reproductive rights in the Ukraine we strive to make positive  change but also need recognize the need to be able measure those efforts to ensure that we are being building an effective and sustainable movement.  

‘Impact in Industry: Inspiring the Next Generation of Leadership’ focused on the greater impact of the clothes that we wear and how we can make choices that are ethical & sustainable in the age of fast fashion. While making these choices can be overwhelming as consumers, we have the power to make a change when we boycott a company or retailer due to poor environmental practices and working conditions, and support local businesses instead. One only has to look look at the success of the #BringYourWallet movement in getting Nordstrom’s and other retailers to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing. 

‘Measuring and Strengthening the Capacity of the Women’s Rights Movements” focused on creating tools that can be used to measure change for the purposes of building effective social movements. Often the desire for change can take precedent over how to make that change effective and sustainable. This tool will allow women’s rights & social movements to turn this desire into something that will continue to make change for now and for future generations. 


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