Stop violence against women by implementing international standards


This was a large room formal presentation with approximately 500 attending.

The panel consisted of representatives of the Council of Europe, Deputy Minister, politicians and NGO's of Turkey. They each spoke extensively about their role in implementing efforts to address a fragile situation through protections, policies and awareness of violence against women issues.

Recognition of the immense progress they had made through access to critical services, legal and social assistance, and a global drive to serve and protect women through justice, a formal letter of intent signed.

As one panelist observed, "words matter for the values they reveal." Of interest was the realization that we have moved beyond violence against women as a private matter to become a public concern that requires demand for universal mandates in policy development. Panelists described their 16-step plan to provide services to address violence and reduce secondary victimization as women are processed in the justice system. 






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