Violence in Widowhood: Hidden and Unaddressed; How to Protect and Prevent


by Christina and Audra, UFCW, volunteering to support UNI Global Union at the UN CSW57

This session was hosted by Widows for Peace through Democracy UK and gave voice to the tragic situation violence against widows. 

Speakers from India, Nepal, Iran and Nigeria told stories of how widowhood is stigmatized in their countries and how in many cases, violence against widows goes unaddressed. Advocates for widows have been relentlessly campaigning to make the plight of widows known to the global community.  Widows in many societies are marginalized after their husbands’ death and fall into poverty.  In addition, children are often the hidden victims of this marginalization. One of the most interesting parts of this session was the discussion on how a high percentage of widows are young women and how decent work and economic independence would make a difference in fighting the violence against widows.  Inequality generates violence, violence increases inequality.  Let’s break the circle.



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