WOMEN AND CORRUPTION; Unique experiences and strategies


This session of approximately 90 attending was led by panelists describing their work and research from 8 selected countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.  Action research was presented and developed through "Best Practices Foundation" and address issues such as gender equality, perceptions and experiences of corruption, and discrimination. Women in agricultural and rural areas selected responded to questions about misuse of entrusted power in government, unfair or bribery practices and conditions of vulnerability. Of interest, corruption was most prevelent in documentation (certificates, passports, land titles), and business transactions (payments). One women panelist (past of the research) spoke about officials blackmailing for sexual favors. (she chased him of her property with a sharp too!)  Results included recommendations; to make training modules, general communication and assist in the organization of women's advocacy groups.

 Christine Harris is the District Representative, Edmonton McMurray, Provincial Executive Council of The Alberta Teachers' Association


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