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More than 70 million women workers are represented in trade unions today, and over the last 20 years, they have built a legacy of winning rights and protection in the workplace.

Unionised women earn more than women outside trade unions, and have been instrumental in negotiating fairer wages, paid maternity and paternity leave and access to social protection through collective bargaining and social dialogue, as well as mobilizing workers who were not previously union­ised.

More than 100 union women are at the UNCSW59. In alliance with likeminded women’s organisations, networks and coalitions we are making our voices heard so that governments can do more to live up to their commitments to implement the Beijing Platform for Action, especially with regards to:

  • Expanding women’s access to paid employment, decent work and social protection, and;
  • Building a care economy in which paid and unpaid care is valued and shared.

We represent 70 million women workers from unions all over the world. By standing united we strengthen women’s power and their ability to secure rights and protection at work.

Download a PDF of the full Women Power Unions brochure


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